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Enséñame yoga!

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so i suck at this whole tumblr thing... any advice???

Just have fun!


I grew up on some of the most amazing music and the one thing that always stayed with me, were the vocals of a song.

Trance is life to me. It gives my life meaning and it gives me hope for my future. Growing up as a kid, I grew up listening to a lot of vocal trance music.

From Vanessa Van Hemert in 4 string’s to Kirsty Hawkshaw in Tiesto’s Just Be and Nadia Ali in iio. I remember them all very well and I still listen to all of them today (: Even with new era of trance and the vocals from Emma Hewitt, Christina Novelli and Jwaydan, They all hold a special place in our hearts. Whenever we see them live, we sing out loud until our hearts content. We close our eyes and the chills start running down our body. We remember the past (in my case my childhood) the present and memories of the songs that we shared with loved ones at an event.

I’m just really grateful for all of them. They unite us all through their beautiful voices.

I know I missed of a few, but i would include them all if I could. Ian Van Dahl and Alice Deejay being some of the few, as well as Motorcycle :3

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Armin van Buuren - Not Giving Up On Love 


Two abandoned baby hedgehogs get some love after a prickly start. Now, over a month later, the little hedgehogs are no longer so little. Huffy and Puffy are both weaned, and can eat a diet of solid foods and are gearing up to make another move — into the wild. Secret World plans to release the two before the end of the summer. Photo credit: Ann and Steve Toon/Solent News

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Los intrusos de mi jardín

Los intrusos de mi jardín